FlipperZero Presentation



The project was originally launched July 30th, 2020 and was presented as a Tamagotchi for hackers.. Interesting right ? :D

So I participed in the kickstarter campaign, around 130€ (+35€ of taxes), and here I am, on August 2020, waiting for the campaign to end…


Well, it ended up with 4M$+ pledged, where they were initially asking for 60k$.. Everyone was hyped, so was I !

A long (veryyyyy long) time delivery

Covid… A nice time to launch an electronic device isn’t it ?

With all the money pledged, the team behind Flipper Zero added nice options, like bluetooth, NFC etc. Nice features, but they needed to adjust their product to make everything fit well in the design.

But the pandemic started. It delayed the production, many components were missing, like the main piece, the screen.

So 2 years later, I’ve finally received it, and it works (hopefully).

What’s inside the box ?

I’ve only ordered the Flipper Zero, but I should have bought the silicon case to protect it.

The box content is pretty simple, some documentation, refering to online documentation, a USB - USB-C wire, the Flipper Zero, and a sticker (which is nice). Let’s hack the planet then ! :D

Inside the box

And.. that’s all.

But you should be asking, what is this for ? Well, let’s detail the product.

The Flipper Zero contain many functions :

  • Sub-1 GHz Transceiver
  • 125kHz RFID
  • NFC
  • Bluetooth
  • Infrared Transceiver
  • Tools for hardware Exploration (GPIO, SPI/UART/I2C supported protocols, EEPROM flashing etc..)
  • iButton

In reality, you can do so much thing, like reading / emulating NFC tags, control IoT infrared device, act like a keyboard to inject payloads such as a Rubber Ducky, play Snake..

The firmware is opensource, can you then modify it to make it fit your daily habits.

I almost forgot, each Flipper Zero has a name based on some Pokemon name mixed into AI and set up in factory. Mine is Ezeit, say hi !


What comes next ?

In the next post, we will see the first limitations I had using this Flipper Zero, some remediations, and warnings around the utilisation of the Sub 1 GHz Transceiver.

Flipper Zero Limitations